Jul 1 2015

10 Reasons to Donate to Gateway Center

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By now many of you have heard about GWC's 10th Anniversary campaign, #10for10 on Indiegogo. If not, the gist is thus: Gateway has now been around for 10 years and we're looking to raise $10,000 from the community by the end of July to help us keep our doors open for years to come! We [...]

Nov 6 2014

Evangelist Fanny Head: November Volunteer Spotlight

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By: Sophie Beal Hills of Help Outreach Ministry has been coming to Gateway Center every Tuesday for 3 years to provide sack lunches to folks at Gateway Center. Evangelist Fanny Head and Hills of Help Pastor Sandra Billinger are deeply committed to serving the community, rooted in the kind of faith that moves mountains. Evangelist [...]

Feb 6 2014

So Fresh & So Clean

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By Staci Wright Doesn't it feel wonderful to have clean clothes to wear each day? Isn't it pleasant to put on a fresh pair of socks in the morning? We won’t even mention the refreshing feeling of a fresh pair of underwear. (Oops, I guess we just did.) Unfortunately, those experiencing homelessness don’t always get [...]