Feb 4 2015

Service in Partnership: Why “Takin’ It To The Streets” Isn’t Always Effective

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For almost five years, various members of the Peachtree City Seventh-day Adventist church in Sharpsburg, Georgia have come to Gateway on the first Saturday of each month with delicious hot lunches for the residents (and any staff who happen to be working on those days). Last month, we talked with Laurie Allgood, one of the [...]

Nov 6 2014

Evangelist Fanny Head: November Volunteer Spotlight

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By: Sophie Beal Hills of Help Outreach Ministry has been coming to Gateway Center every Tuesday for 3 years to provide sack lunches to folks at Gateway Center. Evangelist Fanny Head and Hills of Help Pastor Sandra Billinger are deeply committed to serving the community, rooted in the kind of faith that moves mountains. Evangelist [...]

May 9 2013

Street Feedings: Thoughts on Volunteerism and Partnership

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By: Jason About a decade ago I was reading a book that changed my life.  It was a young man’s reflections on his past and how he came to understand people, his family, his faith, and the entire world around him.  It was my kind of book, perfect for the young college mind that is [...]