Resident Assistants & Resident Interns

Gateway Center’s Resident Assistant and Resident Intern Program provides beds for up to 18 months. This program is an opportunity for men to first volunteer their time within Gateway Center as a RI. After 30 days of success as a RI, men and earn a stipend for their work at the Gateway Center. RIs are clients who have displayed exemplary behavior and determination while in stabilization, but have not yet been able to identify employment opportunities in the community. These clients have an opportunity to develop new job and leadership skills.

Resident Assistants

Duties: Help out in dorms and mentor fellow residents on their journey toward self-sufficiency.

Living: 4th Floor Dorms

Resident Interns

Duties: Specialize in different areas tailored to professional interests/aspirations in order to develop a particular skill set before leaving Gateway Center. Examples include, working in the kitchen, exploring development, assisting with client services, etc.

Living: 3rd Floor Dorms