Oct 16 2014

Blind Right Now: How Poetry Changed This Man’s Life

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By: Sophie Beal   Michael came to Gateway Center only 4 months ago after struggling with chronic homelessness and mental illness all his life. But at 43 years old, Michael came to Gateway Center and discovered a loving and supportive environment that changed everything. With the support of his case manager and close friends at [...]

Jun 24 2013

How Do You Stay So Positive?

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By: Molly I had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and, inevitably, conversation turned to work.  One of the women at the table asked what I do for a living, and after explaining the Gateway Center she was impressed and somewhat shocked. “Sounds like you guys see a lot of people every [...]

Jun 19 2013

Local Mobility: Chris’ Story

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By: Molly Chris and I were scheduled to meet at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.  I arrived at his dorm on the second floor a few moments early and one of the case managers gave him a ring on his cell phone to let him know that I had arrived for our interview.  I sat [...]

Apr 29 2013

Partnering with Saint Joseph’s Hospital

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By: Jason If you read our blog often then you are probably more than a little familiar with the phrase "community collaboration".  This is so much more than hollow lip-service  to our neighbors.  We believe that building and sustaining strong partnerships with other agencies, communities, faith-based groups, businesses, academic institutions, and everything else you can think of is [...]